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South Coast Holiday Rentals Your Family Will Love

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ustralia is wonderful for many reasons but especially for all its different destinations. From Katherine to Albany and from Exmouth to Cairns but nothing beats the New South Wales – NSW - South Coast. This is one of the most popular holiday destinations for Australians and foreign travelers’ world over.

Premium South Coast holiday rentals scattered among the diverse locations in the area are all unique and enchanting, catering to the needs and desires of just about every type of holiday traveler.

The many miles of beaches, the ocean, the national parks, the city life, lakes, harbours, parks and many more makes it the destination for each family from every walk of life.

For family travelers, the huge range of South Coast holiday rentals offer luxurious and roomy accommodations to fit every budget. The real decision is whether you want seaside fun, rural tranquility or a country retreat.

If roaring waves, white sands and plentiful water activities are what you want, then check out the South Coast holiday rentals in Kiama, Gerringong Accommodation, Gerroa or Jervis Bay.

Kiama, known as the gateway to the South Coast, is a paradise for beach goers, boasting some of the most pristine beaches in the world. The setting is slightly more urban than the other options, and many of the premium South Coast holiday rentals in Kiama offer breathtaking ocean views.

Kiama Beach Photo: Kiama Tourism

Gerroa further south has numerous activities from water sports to bush walking and many in between. Gerringong is famous for its beautiful country side, museums and aboriginal art. Both places offer a selection of numerous spectacular beachfront holiday rentals ready to accommodate you and your family in a more private setting.

The southernmost of the premium South Coast holiday rentals are the scenic houses of Jervis Bay. The perfect “Do not disturb” escape. For good reason, Jervis Bay beaches are some of the most visited in Australia. Those looking to get wet should partake of the area's excellent snorkeling and scuba diving opportunities.

If it's quiet rural tranquility that you seek, Jamberoo and Berry have you covered.

Berry main street. Photo: Hamilton Lund

A quaint provincial town boasting charming 19th century architecture and rolling green, cow-dotted hills, Jamberoo is home to Wallaby Hill Farm, a premium South Coast accommodation just perfect for gatherings of the extended family.

Leave behind the ocean vistas and beach life and head to Berry if secluded pastoral surroundings and scenic mountain views are more to your taste. Berry's South Coast holiday rentals offer stunning mountain backdrops and a unique local serenity. And the deserted beaches of Gerringong or Gerroa are just a half-hour drive, if you really must.

For a real country getaway, it has to be Kangaroo Valley, which offers two unique and distinctive premium South Coast holiday rentals: a beautiful rustic timber and stone cottage, and a sumptuous luxury spa set among sprawling meadows.

Kangaroo Valley. Photo: Jann Tuxford

Kangaroo Valley is not close to the beach like other South Coast holiday rentals, but does present a range of alternative family activities like adventures and picnics in vast national parks peppered with magnificent waterfalls and a fascinating learning experience at the Pioneer Museum Park.

If you are looking for a holiday that will be simultaneously relaxing and engaging for the entire family, you can't go wrong with South Coast holiday rentals.

Michiel Van Kets

Michiel Van Kets provides articles for South Coast Holidays, who offer a range of Australian South Coast accommodation as Gerringong Holiday rentals.


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