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Journey through Central Queensland, Australia

Ans Lukkien,

driving adventure into Central Queensland earlier this year took us to many wonderful locations, with amazing scenery. It is worth taking the time to explore these wonderful places, and will come back for more.

Trip Leaders: Betty & Trevor Ray
Followers: Ans & Rudi Lukkien
5th - 19th July 2009

We arrived just 2 minutes after Betty & Trevor at Bringellie school and hit the road straightaway. We made good time and had breakfast in Singleton. We were held up at Aberdeen due to their yearly back pipe festival and more delays between Narribri & Moree with trucks carrying bridge sections. We decided that was enough for the day, and stopped for the night just before Mungindi.

The following day we were on the road before 9.00 am and filled up at St George. From there on to Mitchell; this is approx 200km - we only came across three cars on this stretch of road. After lunch and more fuel we were on our way again and this time stopped along the road to Mt Moffatt NP, still about 100km away. Firewood was no problem and we had a lovely fire to cook on and warm us by.

We duly arrived at Carnarvon NP (of which Mt Moffatt NP is a part) and booked into a campsite. Very cheap $4.50 per person, per night. We had a look at West Branch Campsite first, it looked pretty good so we decided to camp here. There were toilets and drinking water. Only one other camper, but more people arrived later. However, the camping ground was big enough not to be in each other's way. For dinner we had steamboat, which everyone liked.

Incinteration Site

The following day we left the trailers at camp to explore Mt Moffatt. First stop Kenniff Lookout, which was actually where we looked up to from where the Kenniff brothers looked out from. (The Kenniff brothers being the local outlaws at the time). Next stop Incineration site, but not much to see. After that we went to inspect Rotary Shelter Shed camping ground, which was rather high up. It would be very cold and windy to camp. Further on the road Mahogany Forest appeared out of the blue with very tall and big stringy bark trees.

Next stop Head of Carnarvan Creek, but nothing to see there. Back to Marlong Plains and totally different scenery with very high grasses. Next was Lots Wife, which was a very impressive pillar of sandstone in the middle of nowhere.

Lonesome NP

On to Kookaburra Cave, an 850 meter walk. Followed by Marlong Arch, again very impressive. After that back to camp for some R & R.

Marlong Plains

The plan for next day was to go to Nuga Nuga NP, but first had a look at some more features in Mt Moffatt NP. After that we traveled to Injune for fuel and then on to Nuga Nuga. We stopped at Lonesome NP at a lookout where Rudi discovered we had a broken spring and NO spare. We had to go back to Injune at a slow pace. However, they could not help us either. Someone welded the spring together and suggested we go to Roma, where there is a good shop with stock of all different size springs.

After a beer in the pub we were on our way to Roma, where we arrived just after 6.00 pm. We were lucky to find a spot at a caravan park. They were all booked out. After setting up the trailers and a shower, we walked down the road to have a meal in the White Bull Tavern. After that, and walking back, it was straight to bed. It was very cold and not really an evening to sit outside.

Marlong Arch

Rudi & I set out early to find the spring shop. Luckily they were already open and were very helpful. Rudi installed the new spring and we bought another one (just in case). We were on the road again at 9.30 am and stopped at Taroon. Because of this episode Betty had to change the itinerary and we made plans to go to Exploration NP. Once there we decided to stay 2 nights. Itís a beautiful and peaceful place.

Lots Wife

While there, we walked the 4km track to Robinson Gorge Lookout with beautiful views and plenty of photo opportunities. After lunch we went for a drive to look at another part of Robinson Gorge, this time a short walk and again a fantastic view.

Mt. Moffat Scenery

The next day we left Exploration NP on a 4WD track on to Duaringa for a pub lunch. Unfortunately they didnít do lunch, but we had a beer anyway. We ended up eating lunch at the Roadhouse, then on to Blackwater for some shopping. After that on to Beresford Weir. Someone (WF) suggested this was a good place to stop for the night.

Steamboat Dinner

However, the Beresford Weir was packed with people and caravans and we decided to look for a quieter place to camp. When we turned on the road past the Weir, we were pleasantly surprised by the overflow of the water. Very spectacular. After trying a bush track, which ended in nothing, we traveled a bit further and ended up on the side of the road in a quiet spot. The cows joined us for a little while, but after they discovered we had taken their spot for the night, moved on.

Rock Formation Mt Moffat

The weather was very mild that evening and we sat around a small fire talking when the uses of bi-carb soda came up. A few suggestions on what to use the bi-carb for were made.

Kookaburra at Mt. Moffat

The rest I leave to your imagination. The next topic was an automatic sausage turner. No one believed that such a thing is available. (However, I call mine Rudi).

Stay tuned for the next instalment in December issue


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