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Ventilation for the Garden Greenhouse

Michelle Torres,

id you know that more greenhouse plants die from overheating then from the cold? Greenhouse ventilation is essential for successful greenhouse gardening. Thatís why an exhaust fan is one of the most important cool the greenhouse.

It is important to maintain the air movement in your greenhouse to keep your plants healthy. If the air under the leaves of the plants becomes stagnant, the plants will not have the CO2 needed to photosynthesize. An exhaust fan will help to keep the air moving throughout the day and bring fresh usable air to the plants.

Any time of year, even on a cold winter day, the greenhouse temperatures can get over 100 degrees with the warmth of the sun. A thermostatically controlled exhaust fan will turn on automatically when the greenhouse begins to overheat to draw fresh air into the greenhouse to help cool it down. Once the greenhouse air has reached your desired temperature the exhaust fan shutters will close.

Other important greenhouse supplies for ventilation are circulation fans and base vents. Circulation fans should be on at all times in the greenhouse. So even when it is too cold for the exhaust fans to be operating or for the door to be open, the circulation fans are distributing fresh air to the plants.

Base vents and greenhouse shutters help to assure that fresh air is flowing into the greenhouse. Make sure to place base vents and shutters low to the ground for the best cross ventilation.

Keep the air flowing at a steady and constant rate with greenhouse ventilation. You will be rewarded with beautiful and healthy plants!

Michelle Torres has nearly 20 years experience using and designing greenhouses and is an avid gardener. You can find additional useful greenhouse information at http://www.greenhousecatalog.com


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