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Victorian Bushfires - Hope Will Prevail!

Clare Hudd, Freelance Writer

ustralia has been struck recently by the worst bushfire tradegy in our nations history.

The people of Victoria have seen Mother Nature at her

fiercest, leaving a path of blackened earth and many many lives lost. Families, neighbours, pets and wildlife have lost the sanctuary of what was once their beautiful home. As Australians ourselves, this has cut right to the bottom of our hearts, to see our fellow Aussies suffer through pain on such a devastating scale.

The distruction is enormous - 209 lives lost (yet to receive the final count), many admitted to the Alfred Hospital burns unit, 1800 homes burnt to the ground, 7000 people displaced, 450,000 hectares destroyed and over 1,000,000 of our wildlife perished.

However, I believe Australians are a resilient breed, we band together with a mateship like no other. Not only has support come in the way of money, but also donations of

clothes, food and toys for the littlies. Concerts and telethons have been put on to lift spirits and encourage everyone to give what they can. Schools across our nation have participated in a Mufty day (free dress) to encourage the children to donate and get the schools of the effected areas rebuilt and back on their

feet. Large corporations have donated millions along with leaders abroad lending their support in our time of crisis. By working together as a nation we have currently raised $105 million dollars for the people of Victoria to rebuild their lives and care for the injured...now that is what I call ‘doing it for your country’! It instills such a feeling of pride to be part of such a magnificent country that comes together and supports each other as a community in times of crisis.

Our firefighters have been relentless in standing their ground to defeat the enormous threat to homes and people. They have worked tirelessly and have done an outstanding job.

In a declared day of national mourning, this Sunday at 11am we will remember the ones we have lost, where our spirits will come together to begin the healing and lead a new path. We can continue to show our compassion

and support by donating to the Red Cross and helping in the recovery process. Rebuild we will!!!

For those who would like to help, please click on the link to take you to the Red Cross where you can contact them, or donate online. www.redcross.org.au/default.asp


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Nonie, 2009-03-05 01:15:19
Victorian Bushfires-- I have cried many tears watching the events unfolding on TV but immense pride in the way the people of Australia have responded to the needs of the victims. I live in Brisbane Qld but was recently in Busselton WA and was told that a truck went the hundres of kilometers to Victoria loaded with clothes, particularly NEW nighties and PJ's from wee kiddies sizes to some for grandmas, donated by the community. Onya Busselton!

Additional resources

The Red Cross website
The Red Cross are one of the main organisations helping the bushfire people of Victoria. You can donate online through their website.


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