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Woman Empowered: Lifeís Simple Pleasures

D P, Journalist

hether we seek to find and preserve this blissful state within our family life, career, or socializing we always aim all our life efforts at achieving happiness. What is happiness? It seems like there is no perfect answer to this question.

Many people say that you can only be happy if you manage to fully enjoy the floating moments of happiness we experience in our lives. I guess thatís true. Happiness as such doesnít exist and nobody can be permanently happy. To feel true happiness you must learn to appreciate those passing moments of peace, safety and comfort. Feel happy when you:

Watch nature. Sunrises and sunsets, lakes and forests, seas and mountains. Breathe in the fresh air and feel the magic of this world. You can see itís not as awful as many people say. Itís full of life, colors you canít even name, spaces you canít embrace and secrets you will never discover. Itís a beautiful planet and you are a part of it.

Enjoy culture. All thought-provoking creations of humankind and all inspirations are waiting for you to just reach out for them. Love poems, adventure books, elegant museums, entertaining movies are all there to provide you with a moment just for yourself, and you can share these moments with those whom you love.

Stop for moment. Sit down comfortably in your favorite armchair with a cup of hot chocolate and listen to your beloved songs. Call a friend from school that you havenít seen for years. Watch cartoons you adored in childhood. Take a walk with your dog in early morning. Just think how simple and innocent happiness is.

Be good for yourself. Buy yourself a present. Have a good nightís sleep and take a day off from absolutely everything once in a while. Donít feel guilty about not doing things on time. Invite friends to barbecue. You only have one life and one chance to be happy.

Be good for others. Take a good care of those whom you love and care about. Be considerate, open-minded and honest. After all, you love them and they deserve the best from you. They will appreciate it. When you genuinely care about the feelings of other people their happiness will always come back to you. Happiness doesnít have to be experienced in solitude; itís a feeling that should be embraced by many.

Happiness is just out there. All you need is to allow it to be recognized. Don't pursue happiness, just don't deny it.


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