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The Way To Achieve Happiness

Rosamunde Bott,

hat is the underlying reason for anything that you have ever set yourself to achieve? When you break it all down, it will usually be to make you happy.

We want money in order to buy things and feel secure, and this makes us feel happy. We want a good relationship to feel loved and therefore happy. The very act of achieving something makes us feel happy because we have proved to ourselves that we are capable human beings, and that makes us happy! Does this mean that achieving goals is the only way to achieve happiness?

Well, in the short term, perhaps. But true, lasting happiness has nothing to do with the achievement of goals. When we set goals we are looking towards the future, and havenít we always been told that tomorrow never comes?

Donít get me wrong. I do not mean that we will never achieve our dreams, or that we should not strive to achieve our dreams. However, we are making a big mistake by attaching our only source of happiness onto the achievement of our goals.

Let me ask you a question: In which moment do you actually live? Is it in the past? Or is it in the future?

Of course it is neither. The past does not exist because it has gone. The future does not exist because it has not happened yet.

The only time we ever have is in this moment right now; the moment that you are sitting reading this article. In a few minutes it will probably be something else, but right now is the only time you can ever experience anything.

If we only ever see our happiness as something to look back on in the past, or something to look forward to in the future, we will find it difficult to grasp in the present. Remember, the past has gone, and the future is not here yet.

In this moment, right now, you can feel happy and satisfied. Try it. It is an incredibly powerful moment because it is the only moment you can ever live in.

So unless you choose to feel happiness in the present moment, how will you achieve it in the future? If you are always looking to the future, or remembering the past, how can you ever experience your life right now?

Yes, you may feel happy when you achieve your goals, but if your happiness is only attached to these transient moments, it will be fleeting and disappear once you start working on your next goal.

If you are feeling sad or depressed, you are probably living in the past. If you are feeling worried or anxious, you are probably living in a perceived future; one which may never arrive anyway.

When you forget the past and live right here in the present, you will find that the future will take care of itself.

This moment is the only time you will ever have so use it wisely. Use this moment to start something, finish something, love something or say something. Itís the only moment you have to live, so start living now.

The happiness you choose right now is everlasting because you can choose it from moment to moment. It does not rely on anything except the fact that you choose it. The past is gone. The future is an empty page. To achieve happiness create your life right now in the present moment.

Ros is a life coach, writer, genealogist and home business owner.

Would you like to boost your career or business with some coaching? Visit Rosís website at http://www.career-life-coach.com


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