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Protecting the Guilty While the Innocent Suffer in Silence

Tamia McDonald Pizey ,

like almost everyone else in Britain read a daily newspaper and keep up with the news as it unfolds in this our now very sick-society.

Our justice system continues to prove that it cannot be relied upon to dispense justice, the criminals are laughing daily as they continue to commit some of the most abhorrent crimes knowing that even if they get caught their smart, overpaid solicitors will plead for their pathetic lives and (for the most part) the judges in this country allow their twisted sickness to grow and devour the innocence of those whom they have preyed upon.

The 'so called' officials who are supposed to protect our children are so devoid of any real qualifications, (in all honesty some of us 'REAL' parents could do their jobs with more honesty, viguor and determination). I personally have no trust left in a system that is all but defunct in this country.

The case of Karen Matthews once again shows that this vile creature who actually called herself a mother committed one of the most terrible, soul destroying acts upon her own child and the law all but allowed her to get away with the terror that she inflicted upon her own flesh & blood.

Are we ever going to see any changes in our justice system? Or are the innocent who have been 'lucky' enough to survive their ordeals going to continue to live with their torment as they enter counselling sessions which, although may help in some small way, will never enable them to forget the horrors that they have suffered.

For all those who are no longer around to be able to speak out for themselves I can only be one very lone voice when I say, 'for goodness sake all those who work as part of the criminal justice system in Britain (whether you are a solicitor or a 'judge') WAKE-UP! Stop worrying about those who are part of the courts of human rights and actually concentrate on the lives of the victims NOT the perpetrators.

Let us all be honest. The court of 'HUMAN-RIGHTS' are pathetically inept when it comes to actually remembering that the scum who destroy (and all too often take lives) did not think of the 'HUMAN-RIGHTS' of the their innocent victim/s.

I am not simply just another angry, disgusted parent but also a disillusioned, disgusted member of society who will in her own way continue to fight to make her voice heard in a world where governments continue to tie the hands of our crippled, sick justice system, ....... a CANCER is growing and as a society we MUST find a cure.

To fail to do so will be to fail those have survived only to continue to suffer because the 'LAW' in Britain has allowed it to happen.

I am 41 years of age, the mother of three children who are aged 19, 16 & 13 years of age. I am married for the second time, i am an avid music lover, i love to read as well as write poems & short stories, ( i also enjoy topical novels). I am along with my children a survivor of domestic-violence & abuse, ( the petry i tend to write is inspired by events in our lives as well as being biographical). My other loves are studying North-American Indian & Chinese philosophy.


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