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When the Law ' Admits' That the Truth Does not Matter

Tamia McDonald Pizey ,

oday i finally realised that my children have 'NO CHOICE' but to continue to live with their inner demons, the law cares not at all about the terrifying trauma that they have suffered.

Neither they as victims of a system that is disturbingly flawed, or us as their parents, are able to have our say regarding the sickening abuse that has left them mentally scarred as well as in my eldest daughter's case physically disabled, the truth came 'straight from the horses mouth'.

The law is not as we are assured there to safeguard the rights of the innocent, but rather to protect the perpetraitors of even the most vile of crimes. FACT.

I now have to sit and analyse the fact that soon I have to try and explain to my children that the law says that their thoughts, feelings/emotions are 'NOT' important. As their mother, I obviously will always do everything within my power to protect them but how are they all supposed to learn to be able to trust officials when those same officials have failed them when it matters most ?

Why as a society that claims that we must work 'TOGETHER' in order to stop child-abuse, have come to the point that the law 'ADMITS'it is not about telling the truth? The courts are 'NOT'interested in what the facts are?

The truth is as a nation (and as parents) we must now wake up. The law Has to change, if we continue to accept the law as it now stands then just like 'baby P' and others that have come before him (and those who will undoubtibly follow him) a message must now be sent to 'THE POWERS THAT BE' that enough is enough.

The national newspapers and the rest of the media has for far too long now been reporting on some of the most horrendous stories, too many mistakes are being made. Their training is seriously flawed, and in all honesty the truth is officials who work to 'SUPPOSEDLY' safeguard our children should actually spend a part of their training working in women's refuges, hospitals, and police-stations as only in these places will they learn more about their future vocations.

There are so many organisations that deal with the aftermath of domestic-abuse and child-abuse who actually do work very hard alongside survivors of these soul-destroying scurges which exist in our already sick-society. There is so much that can be learnt from them and yet because most of them are volunteers (and more often than not survivors of abuse themselves) it is rare for them to receive the recognition that they deserve.

It IS now time to take a stand, let us as a nation finally make our voices heard. Our children's lives depend on it. Bureaucracy must STOP. ' FULL - STOP ' .

I am 41 years of age, the mother of three children who are aged 19, 16 & 13 years of age.
I am married for the second time, i am an avid music lover, i love to read as well as write poems & short stories, ( i also enjoy topical novels).
I am along with my children a survivor of domestic-violence & abuse, ( the petry i tend to write is inspired by events in our lives as well as being biographical).
My other loves are studying North-American Indian & Chinese philosophy.


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