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What Women Want

Eve Hall,

adies, men always ask, "What Do Women Want?" Have your man check my article out. It just might surprise both of you, enjoy!

The majority of women want and need the same things as men.

We want: A happy marriage, loving family members, respect,

peace in the world, etc. We are not hard to please.

We want love, unconditionally. We don't want to play games.

We want men to step to the plate and take care of their

responsibilities. We don't ask for much, just what is due us.

Some of us want courage. We are in abusive relationships and we

need the courage to get out of them. We are scared to

experience doing things on our on, but we don't realize we

are our alone anyway, carrying the load all by ourselves.

We want a shoulder to cry on, someone we can snuggle up to at

night without being obligated to do anything else.

Women want a gentleman and a bad boy, all in one.

Some of us still like the doors being opened for us.

We like our men to take the lead in family matters, but always

asking us our input on all the decision-making. We want to see

our men cry, there is no shame in that. We want men to stop

trying to find a wife like their mom. Stay with your Momma.

We want to be treated like the queens that we are. We are not

perfect and we don't pretend to be. We want to be heard, we

want a listening ear. You don't have to agree with what we say.

We want a man that wants to work and a man who doesnít mind if

we want to work. A man who enjoys spending time with his family.

We want a man who doesn't mind sharing the household duties.

We want men to change their babies diapers also.

We want positive people around us. Ones, who will build us up, not

tear us down. We want loyal men and pets. If we make mistakes,

we want to be forgiven just like we would be willing to forgive.

We want our meals served in bed sometimes, too.

We want candlelit dinners, surprises and gifts.

We want to hear those "three little words," but more

importantly, we would rather you show us how much you love us.

That's worth much more than you telling us.

Those three little words have been used and abused so much.

They have produced unwanted pregnancies, domestic abuse and

the list goes on and on.

We, Sistahs need to realize we don't need men, MEN need US! Once we

realize this, we will not want much!

Evelyn (Eve) Hall
Eve Hall is a children's author and poet residing in Atlanta, GA. She has been writing for more than 35 years. She was born and raised in Dayton, OH.

Her work has been featured in several magazines including A Poet's Cut, Skyline Publications, Saplings Magazine, Purpose, Mature Living and Weeones.

Eve has won several writing contests, winning 1st-5th places. She also writes short stories, prose, and non-fiction. She has published three poetry chapbooks, and has self-published four books: Dontay's Alphabet Book of Color, Dontay's Poetry Playground, Enter Eve's Poetic Paradise, and Enter Eve's Musing Moments. Her next book is titled Dontay's Dog.

Poetic Paradise. A delightful collection of love poems,

Evelyn (Eve) Hall
rhyming poems and general poems.


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