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Mindset is the Key to Success

Cookie Tuminello,

uccess is a mindset. Your thoughts, feelings, and actions must be in sync to create the results you want in your life. If your ‘inside’ thoughts don’t match your ‘outside’ thoughts, you are in a world of trouble.

Until you match your ‘inner’ thoughts to your ‘outer’ ones, success will always be an illusion.

“Come to the edge," He said. They said, "We are afraid."
"Come to the edge," He said. They came. He pushed them...and they flew. - Guillaume Apollinaire

Your thoughts, feelings, and actions are determined by your beliefs. Your beliefs are a direct result of your history – what you have been taught or experienced during your childhood.

For example, I was brought up hearing and believing that success involved really, really hard work and you had to really, really struggle to get there. I also had the belief that because I didn’t graduate from college, I wasn’t smart enough to be successful. Well, guess what? I manifested these exact thoughts and got tons of hard work, lots of struggle, and suffered feelings of inadequacy for years. It wasn’t until I began to dissect and challenge those old beliefs that my life and my business began to change.

Most of the fears and beliefs that we hold as true are not. They are stories (illusions) that we tell ourselves when no one else is around. They are the “Yeah, Buts” and the “What Ifs” that are whispered down deep in our soul when we think no one can hear us. Basically we sabotage our own selves and our success by hanging on to these fears and beliefs simply because we’re comfortable with them.

You can read affirmations and feel good books all day long, but until you evict those old beliefs that no longer serve you from your mind and body, you will never be FREE. You will never receive the abundance and success you deserve in your life. You could write an affirmation list as long as the Dead Sea scrolls and still not receive any of the things on your list due to the clutter in your mind and body! I am still evicting old stuff out of my mind.

In order to succeed you must know two things. You must know:
1) where you are and
2) where you are going.
Most of us would say right away, ‘I know that.’ But do you really, really, really know what you want and where you are going in your life? Making statements like “I THINK I’d like to be a lawyer” or “I MIGHT like to lose 20 pounds” isn’t going to make it happen. You need to get really clear on where you are in the present moment in order to get to where you’d like to be tomorrow.

The difference between what you say you know is what you do. What you do controls your results. If what you are doing is not producing the results you want, then you really don’t know what you want. Sounds easy right, but until your put this into practice, you’ll never get whatever it is that you wish to achieve.

Knowing where you are. This requires that you start asking questions that you may not have been asking before. It’s about going back through your life and picking up the pieces of yourself that you have left behind, one by one. Are the actions you’ve been taking in your life really what you really want? Or are they adopted from someone else’s vision of what you SHOULD have done? If the choices you’ve made are not in alignment with your own core values then you might want to rethink where you are.

Knowing where you are going. How are you going to get where you’re going if you don’t know where that is? You also have to ask yourself why you are going there. What’s your purpose? Do you have one? Are you 100% committed to where you are going? Are you 100% committed to doing the word necessary to get yourself there? You have to get clear about what is driving you - your own inner motivation - in order to create a clear path to follow.

Success requires that you step out of your comfort level and look your fears in the eye and walk through them one by one. Until you can face them down and eliminate them from your life (and mind!) you’ll always be on the brink of success and hanging on for dear life.

Success requires you to come to the edge. The edge is where all the good stuff is. It is your ticket to your POWER, FREEDOM, and PROSPERITY – a life filled with untold abundance.

Where would YOU rather be? Sitting in a rocking chair in the middle of an unfulfilled life or standing on the edge of having all the success and abundance you’ve always wanted?

It’s your choice... and mindset.

Cookie Tuminello is the unconventional, sassy, savvy and successful founder of Success Source and the ‘go to’ Personal Power Mentor and Business Strategy Coach for Women who want to create more productivity, profit and
power in their business and life. She’s a published author, creator of the powerful People Pleaser No More System, and the wisdom-filled weekly ezine called Coffee With Cookie


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