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The Power of Rapport

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apport is a subject that is often overlooked, yet it is critical to success. It is the ability to establish a trusting and long term relationship founded on mutual honesty and integrity. In this business of network marketing, the key is to making yourself a better “people person.”

Many of us have a tendency to push too hard or demand what we want from someone without establishing the necessary rapport. More often than not, this is considered as a premature and overzealous act, which will eventually backfire on you and drive people away. They will see you as arrogant and condescending and that is a big turn off.

Establishing rapport with a prospective downline is very important. Just because a prospect is close to signing up doesn’t mean it is a “done deal.” You may have done your homework and presented the business opportunity and the company products like a true pro, but if you do not optimise your power of rapport, i.e., bother to get to know your future business partner better, then he or she would probably back out or lose interest in the business.

Tips on Establishing Rapport

The first step to establishing rapport is to assume that you do not have it in the first place. Just because you know someone or have done business with them doesn’t mean your rapport is already intact. Keep in mind too that rapport is not something you establish once and then think it will last forever. You need to reconnect with your downlines on a certain basis so you are updated with their progress. Consider these guidelines:

• Be more interested in listening than speaking
• Be highly respectful and courteous
• Be sincere and compassionate
• Ask questions and be patient
• Make the person you are speaking to feel as though he or she is the most important person you are with at the moment
• Be real

Make the effort to establish rapport with others and watch how your interactions with them become more rewarding – personally and professionally.

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