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shley was deployed for the third time to Afghanistan. She is a military doctor and must give service to the country when she is called. Each time, she has had to leave behind two small children and her husband. She has asked her mother to come and work with the children because her husband is often lost without her.

Ashley, like other military families has relied on cell phones and email to contact loved ones. The challenge is that the children do not understand why mom has to be away all the time. They give grandma a hard time because after she is not mom and they often cry and are upset because they cannot talk to mom right away.

This scenario is common among military communities and it is very difficult when you have small children. When you leave they are one age and it could be a couple of birthdays before you come back. Everything has changed and it is sometimes difficult for everyone to get back into the swing of things.

Thanks to My Military Years you will not have the problem of waiting for email messages or hoping that cell phones will work. Instead, you will be able to use a message board or the military forum to get daily information to your military family.

MyMilitaryYears.com is a new website that is contacting service members to provide them with their own secure and private website to communicate more regularly with family members. This site has more to offer than others because it understands the need for military support.

They are building a community for service people that includes each branch of the armed services including the National Guard and Coast Guard. The websites are geared towards both audio and text messages that can be stored on a DVD and sent to each family.

This type of military diary can be a wonderful gift for grandparents or others who love you and who want to keep track of what is going on. Your service to the military is also creating a historic even that will be good for your children to learn.

Instead of just doing a Christmas wish to your family, you can be with them via a webcam and browser; whatís more you can do this all year long. You can take part in special events and communicate with your family regularly. You can watch your children grow up and view their soccer games and other events without worry.

MyMilitaryYears.com is a brand new service dedicated to providing our military men and women with the most effective means of communication with friends and family available today.


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