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Visualization for Success in 2010

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ant to start this new year out right?

Do this:

Imagine that you have a very large, flexibly stretchy bag. This bag can be any color you want, and made out of either a real substance or one you just made up.

Now, put inside this bag everything that you felt held you back in 2009; this can be feelings, people, situations, events, circumstances, experiences, thoughts - anything at all that you believe kept you from being all that you desired to be.

Take all the time you need to stuff this bag full of 2009's limitations.

Now, when you're finished stuffing the bag and it is full of everything that held you back, take one last look at it. Notice how it bulges out in different places. Look at the closure - whatever you used to secure the bag shut. Is it closed tightly and securely? Really get a clear sense of this bag and its contents. Touch it and notice its contours. Feel the stuff that it's made of and notice the texture.

And now, lift the bag and notice how surprisingly weightless it is! This bag weighs less than a feather, even though it's stuffed chock-full of all of these old limitations! You can easily lift this bag up over your head!

Whenever you're ready, take this overstuffed bag of last year's limitations and throw it, toss it, hurl it, fling it as far as you can up into the air and watch it soar, farther and farther out into the atmosphere. The farther away it gets, the faster it moves. Watch it as it disappears from your sight, out into outer space where it will dissolve into nothingness.

You have now successfully gotten rid of everything that held you back in 2009. Breathe in a big, deep, refreshing breath, creating space for the new year's opportunities.

Look, there at your feet is another bag. It is brightly colored, and there on the side are the words, "2010 Opportunities". This bag is waiting for you to fill it up. Take it with you every day of 2010. Use it wisely. Fill it full of new potentials for success.

Rita Ballard

Rita Ballard, C.Ht. has been showing people how to use the power of their own mind since 1997 using hypnosis and guided imagery. You already have all the resources you need to succeed. Hypnosis helps you discover how to tap into them! Awareness Hypnosis - Expanding Individual Awareness in a Changing World.


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