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his writer seldom likes to spend much time cleaning and arranging her living space. She doesnít care for much of anything that detracts from her enjoyment of life and the enjoyment of the work she does, which is essentially the recording of lives as they could be, writing fiction and memoirs.

However, as anyone who likes Feng Shui will be happy to tell you; space is important. Every day I go to the library where I sit for several hours in a spacious room that has twenty-foot high ceilings, a large stained glass dome skylight. This room is framed on two sides with floor to ceiling windows that look out on the main street on one side and into a private garden on the other side. I go there to do the most creative part of my writing, the actual editing and writing by hand, of every piece. Then I go home to my study where I have umpteen projects going and where my son sleeps, now that he is home from college for the summer, to type all my editing and writing into the computer and send it out to my clients. The contrast between the two areas is wonderful. The sense of space at this library, coupled with the knowledge that I am not responsible for keeping the room neat, vacuumed and dusted, along with the sense of home and family at the other end, makes a nearly perfect split of my day.

So yes, surroundings do play a strong part in how I feel about myself and the work I do. Would I be happier if I spent time every day, sweeping and dusting my work and living areas at home? Or would I simply be over-stressed, feeling as though I had to do these things, taking time away from the work I love as well as from my family?

One thing many of us forget when we tell each other we would be happier in cleaner houses, is that it takes time and energy to maintain such homes. Generally people who have such perfect homes hire someone else to design them, then hire another person to help them organize their stuff, and finally another person, or group of people, to keep their houses clean. We organize our homes and our lives as well as we can, given our time and energy constraints, and that is, or should be, good enough.

Genevieve Fosa
Freelance ghostwriter and editor


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