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The Blessing Of Transitions

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n life really only one thing is certain, transition. We transition from babies to toddlers, elementary school to middle school, dependency to self-sufficiency.

The day literally turns into night as the earth spins and we must adapt to the darkness, as this is a time of rest.
Sometimes things must be taken from us in order to force us to rest, regroup and transform.

This week our family has been offered the greatest of blessings as transition was forced upon us. My husband was laid-off. The first response he had was “finally”.

He has started a new business delivering fresh organic juices and knew that although his job as a geologist provided us with a generous income and benefits as well as travel opportunities he needed to let it go in order to move forward.

My first response was “You did it!”

We were prepared emotionally, knowing this would come and yet nothing prepared us for the feeling of freedom we are experiencing. Transition is incredibly freeing if we are just willing to allow ourselves to relax as the universe leads us in the direction of our desires.

Friends and family respond with compassion and sympathy and we have found ourselves reassuring them we really are thrilled.

As we allow transition to have its time and way with us, our creativity begins to flow; greater joy is experienced and life flows through us.
I see transition as an eddy pool in a fast moving stream. It may seem as though we are going backwards, however, we are right there in the middle where we belong.

As we mature and deepen in our spiritual journey we find ourselves “letting go of the oars and flowing down-stream” as the teaching of Abraham-Hicks puts it.

Once we have allowed ourselves to flow the water gets a little rougher and we learn to be tossed about in the water joyfully. It is this gentle playful tossing we come to enjoy and every moment becomes rich; whether we are floating gently through life or feeling caught up upon the shore or rapidly swirling through in different directions.

Life is exciting and it is the times of transition that are most thrilling. Let us think of our most exciting times, weddings, graduations and travel. It is the thought of coming change that thrills us; it is stepping outside of the every day where we know our limitations can be exceeded that our joy is unleashed.

Just as in kindergarten, none of us have it mastered when we are thrust into summer, a time of rest before we begin a new phase.
Love and Blessings,

~ Christine

Christine Sokolowski is Author of "Reiki - From Beginning to Master"


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