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What is Womb Wisdom?

Contributing Author,

iscovering the womb and taking those first steps to clear, cleanse and open its infinite vastness is an essential piece of the healing journey for every
woman, and every man in relationship with a woman.

Womb work doesn’t “do” anything, it’s closer than that, I would say that womb work “gives” you everything. It’s a discovering, an un-veiling and a re-membering. It’s the true orientation for a woman to be coming from, to be
centered in. It gives us back our true house, our place of being so that we may rise up and into the heart with strong rooted foundations and a sense of
Earthly reality. It’s the rock upon which we are built.

The Womb is the deep silence, the sound knowledge of truth and the loving embrace that holds us all together, as a life form within all life forms. The womb reveals to us true sight, deep feeling and a sense of support and
belonging that is second to none. When all else fails in life, the womb remains as that pillar to lean against, that rock to hold onto and those arms to cry in.

The womb is a part of the soul embodied, here on Earth deep within the human form. Without a doubt it is a woman’s most reliable, trusted and safe home. During the beginning stages of Womb Wisdom, this will become her most precious and treasured discovery. It is the place that does not move, and you will discover a part of yourself that is eternal, ever-present and easily reached.

The difference between the Soul and the womb is that the womb is physical, located in the body and a part of the body that women know so well. The Soul at first is seemingly etheric, out of reach and non-physical. But they both merge in the human form through the womb.

*What does the womb lead to? *

The Womb leads us to the seed of our being, our first creative spark. It invites us to be re-born, regenerated and resurrected. It is a cave of pure creativity where we are the creator. The Womb is your inner council where you will discover your doctor, surgeon, adviser, confidant, sage, decision-maker and artist. Every face and facet of your being has roots into the womb, and the womb is the clearest domain to have that meeting.

Ultimately the womb leads us to Womb of all life, the beginning and the end of all known and unknown universes. It is the place upon which all of life simply must travel through to be created. When you realise this, you can begin to create within your own womb, placing projects and hearts desires within its field to be birthed into the world.

Transmuting with the womb is another “gift” of the womb. The womb has the facility to be able to contain and transmute negative or harming energies, stripping away the orientation of the negativity into a pure state of neutrality. This stage of working with the womb comes only after it has been cleared, and with the guidance and instruction of a womb teacher.

*How does it feel as a woman to have the womb open? *

To live with your womb open brings you a gift and state of being that was previously unknown. You feel beautiful, gorgeous, rich and sensual without the “edge” of threat perceived from other women. You are non-threatening in
your beauty and happiness within your body. You ooze nature, life, promise and pure joy.

There is a sense of belonging to nature, to the whole world and that belonging naturally extends to all other life. Again, I could even extend to say that living from the womb is a life lived without fear.

Duality dissolves, there is an inherent “rightness” about life and this ease of being is seen, felt, cherished and hopelessly given to all.

However, an open womb also comes with a self-responsibility as its magnificence is very attracting and will draw attention. During the beginning stages it is advised to place yourself within healthy and productive environments and situations. As you progress you can begin to turn around seemingly negative situations and places back into a non-harming co-existence with the rest of all life.

*What does it feel like for others around you and relationships? *

There is an air of confidence and a deep eternal look within the eyes. When engaging with others you are 100% present and searching deeply into their eyes for the truth of where they are coming from. This can seem disconcerting and perhaps make people feel exposed or naked, as the whole of that other person is being seen. There is no hiding place or veiling as all is witnessed. Not from a place of making things right, simply from an angle of seeing the truth of what is before you. Yet this very level of presence lays down a carpet of safety and a sense of being held. Others feel they are being really listened too, that there is another there with them. People eventually relax, open and allow past hurts, memories and agonising mind states to be spoken, released and let go of.

I have now realised that there is no more socialising left for me; all of my being is now given to holding this space for others. I have no desire to waste time with meaningless conversation anymore.

*What feelings arise from it and its voice?*

The feelings of the Womb are of vastness, eternity and a silence that is brimming with the light of creation. It includes the world, but is not of the world. It reaches all the way into Galactic Centre. It encompasses all
of life living, being born and dying.

It can give rise to feelings of softness, yet power, aloneness and also belonging, tenderness and bravery. It is the voice of God, and also the human. It is the mother and the child. It is birth and even death. It is
ancient and also unborn.

You can not say what it is, as its definitions will always escape you. You can simply rest in the truth that its feelings and voice are it all.

*Why is it important? *

It is essential that a woman be taken to the fullness of her being. Living without the womb is like living without the Soul. Without the open womb, life will only exist, not be lived through. It simply has to be known, discovered and entered.

Its importance is transmuting, clear sight, creating fields of energy that regenerate yourself and your partner in love making, connection to the web of life and this foundation deep within your being.

Without these elements woman will be tossed around upon the ocean of life, with little soulful direction or sense of orientation. Woman will be held within the grip of Maya, falling for all its games and especially the western woman, who is mostly head-centered.

The most important reason I saved for last. A clear and open womb is the channel for the next generations of humankind to come through. By giving birth to new souls here on earth, I can say with the whole of my being, that
this is one of the surest ways to elevate the future of mankind. Birthing through the open and healed womb, nurturing and rearing with a mother with an open womb and growing up in an environment where your child sleeps and
rests within the field of the womb, will and can be a life lived with only instinctive fears ever being experienced.

That being will grow into an adult faster than the rest of us, and be part of a new generation that heralds in the New Humanity.

*Why is it so important for men to experience Womb Wisdom?*

It is every man’s rightful place to know the power of the womb, and how an open womb holds the key to his own re-birth. By being with a woman either journeying into the open womb, or already established within one, a man has
the invitation to become a Divine Man. In no uncertain terms, if a man is with a woman with an open womb he will surely have the chance to face his deepest fears in the sanctity of a loving depth that is steady, enduring and
powerful. It won’t necessary be comfortable at all times, but it will bring him the key to his own transformation.

When making love with a woman with an open womb, the man will stand the chance of experiencing a deep trance like meditative state. I call this state, the entrance to the Black Light. Black Light is a quality and frequency of energy that is even before creation has arisen. This is the energy in the womb that a child is formed in. That unending and unfolding wave after wave of your pure original birth. It has to be known that this nurturing and completely trustworthy energy that is often only used to birth children is also readily available to adults through the open womb. All men, whether they know this or not is searching for this feeling once more. It is a driving force, which often gets distorted into searching for a mother figure. That is not it. That is not what he is searching for. But because of this knowledge being hidden, only now can men identity what it is they are looking for. After love making, together both the man and the woman will fall into or rather pour themselves into a very deep theta state, which is undeniable and vast. Upon completion of this deep journey into realms and dimensions that are countless. Both man and women will return back to
the alpha state, fully restored, full of vital energy and in a sense, resurrected.

*The Voice of the womb, Anaiya speaks:*

I speak of a time to come, where humankind will live as love unhindered by fear. A time where we can all give endlessly without wanting. A time where mankind is a gift to the planet and a guide to other life forms. Where
beings will radiate with a light that joyfully sings out into the Universe.

Where man and woman can give themselves to each other without the fear of losing themselves. They will already be lost, lost in the love of the Divine and their Divinity within each other. There truly will be a time when love
will saturate the mind, and drench every footstep taken.

And the absolute truth is that this … is but one choice away.

Anaiya Aon Prakasha

This article taken from our fourth book that is coming out next week called Womb Wisdom: Awakening the forgotten and creative powers of the feminine (Inner Traditions, USA).


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