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Enemy Within

Merle Brill,

hink about her. She is just like you.

We are fortunate now to live in a world where as women we have a lot more freedoms and opportunity than our mothers may have had.

With the advantages comes the disadvantages as well. We are now free to experience many of the jobs and rights that were once only for men, such as the horrors of modern day war.

Post Traumatic stress disorder and coming back to lives that they no longer can adapt to. Think about the woman fighting for our freedoms in a far away land the next time you tuck in your child, know that on the other side of the world she too longs for this simple pleasure. Think about her the next time you put on makeup.

Think about her when you sit daydreaming and look out into the sky from your high rise office building. The sky clear of terrorism for today.

I wrote this poem some time ago. I am not sure where it came from. I came across it again the other day and it has a bit of a new meaning for me.

Recently I shared a three day stay with a woman who served in the military and witnessed first hand some of the horrors of it all. This is for her, and all the brave women past and present, and future.

"Enemy Within"
I can only imagine the thoughts in your
head as you shot the enemy down.

You hoisted up your gun as you struggled
with your vision in the hot desert sun.

As the sweat fell from your brow. The
courage you found I'll never know how.

Now back at home you feel so alone.

You wake at night and see those eyes, the
ones you had to look into when they met their

You may be home from overseas, but you'll
always hear the enemy's pleas.

Sent to fight so "Someone" could win

Now you are left to fight the enemy within.


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