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In Australia? Visit Sydney Festival 2013
The festival's 18 free events makes it Australia's largest festival of free outdoor program of concerts and events. Under the strong guidance of the new Festival Director Lieven Bertels the festival will be offering visitors total of 92 events and..read on

One of the greatest sculpture sales in 2012 takes place at Bukowskis
On December 4th, 2012, during their Autumn Classic Sale, Scandinavian fine art and antique auction house Bukowskis has been entrusted to sell a major sculpture collection once owned by Throne-Holst family. The Marabou Collection includes 13 sculp..read on

Being a cat person might not be that easy
Are they really so low maintenance that you shouldn't worry about their well being at all and they don't really care about it either? Pet Lifestyle Expert Wendy Diamond and her Russian Blue "side-cat" Pasha have recently teamed up with Bayer’s Ad..read on

FACING DEMONS - by Marion Brownlie
Book review - Facing Demons by Marion Brownlie [pic1] During her childhood years, Marion is all but ignored by her father, when all she wants are kind words and hugs. Her school years were traumatic with dyslexia, until it was diagnosed in he..read on

Knitting as Therapy
When it comes to health, one always, or nearly always, does what is best for yourself. Knitting is proving to be one of the ‘must do’ practical self-help therapies. Besides which, once started, it becomes very addictive with some, if they can, moving..read on

Travel Australia
The top destinations would be the Whitsundays and Great Barrier Reef, Ayres Rock and Alice Springs – known as the Red Centre, The Gold Coast and Fraser Island, Sydney, Kakadoo National Park, and Tasmania. Each of these destinations have their own mag..read on

Afghanistan - Where Men Rule and Women are \'Legally\' Raped
Apparently not, judging by the law that was passed on 27 July 2009 giving men ‘legal’ right to refuse maintenance to their wives if they refuse to be raped. This law is a further demoralisation for women in Afghan society. If women refuse to b..read on

E-books are on the UP
To feel comfortable with reading a book 'on screen' one needs to have a decent ebook reader. I stumbled across an excellent reader while sourcing ebook software to create the ebooks. This one is very simple to use, and gives a variety of page view..read on

We Have a Dream
Plant a dream and watch it grow Take the stage and steal the show Find the sun behind the cloud Make a wish and laugh out loud Chart your course, enjoy the ride Take life's detours in your stride Stop a while and smell a flower Find some j..read on

No one around, just the sound of cicadas, and the noise of traffic behind a massive fence, which I manage to shut out – most of the time. The tree overhanging the roof and side of the house is huge – protecting from the sun and shading my Bons..read on

Precious Needlework - Creative Tapestry
Needlework covers aspects of handcrafting from needlepoint, embroidery, bargello, cross-stitch to needle-lace to name just a few. There are many more avenues to be explored. It can be carried around in a bag and stitched in the most unlikely places. ..read on

How to... become Pure Tart
[pic1] Find a bed. Test it for softness. Scrunch covers to required coziness. Flop yourself onto the cover and roll onto your back. Spread limbs in all directions. Fall asleep.      ..read on

Dyeing Wool with Food Colouring
When I realised what I had promised, the thought patterns went into action… Not liking commercial wool too much, and being a spinner, I decided to make one – from scratch. Searching through my fleeces, I found a suitable white one I could dye. Tha..read on

To be Obese - Or Not
What is Obesity? Obesity is not just being fat and over-weight, it’s much more than that. It’s also how YOU perceive yourself. If you think ‘fat’ that is what you will become. If you do not think about what you are putting into your body, you can..read on

Inspiration comes in many shapes and forms, whether it is about your life, your creativity, or your place in the world. I find I get ‘sidetracked’ very easily when it comes to handcrafts, or the computer and internet. For others it may be painting, p..read on

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