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Women Honoured for Building Bridges Across Communities
The honorees at this year’s The National Congress of Black Women, Inc., on 25th August in Los Angeles, are U.S. Congresswoman Karen Bass, representing the 33rd District of California; Dr. Alfred Jumper, Director of Pediatric Anesthesia at Specialty S..read on

Joyce Banda New Malawi President
Joyce Banda has been sworn in as the new Malawi President after the previous President, Bingu wa Mutharika, died of a heart attack after calls for his resignation. [pic1]Banda, who is the nations first female leader, was sworn in amid applause and..read on

Australia\'s New Tobacco Laws
In a landmark law, instigated by Prime Minister Julia Gillard, the new tobacco packaging laws will enforce all cigarettes to be sold with no company logo, in olive-brown packaging. The new laws, which will come into effect on 1st December 2012, ha..read on

Australian Female Leaders Continue to Crack the Glass Ceiling
Lara was sworn into office on 24th January 2010 stating “My first job as Premier will be to go back to basics”. She continues, “One of the beauties of today’s historic moments of having the first female premier in Tasmania is that there is not one d..read on

A Woman\'s Mighty Movement
However, all is not lost. The tides are starting to turn in areas that will take our future into the loving and supportive place it needs to be. The one place we need to see this difference is at the helm of our nations….our legacy leaders are being ..read on

Cancer Survivor Dilma Rousseff Brazil’s First Female President
Dilma Rousseff won 56% of the vote over opposition Jose Serra. She pledges a new era of prosperity, working to end hunger and homelessness of children and families in Brazil. To bring hope to lives that would otherwise be lost. [pic1] "I'm very h..read on

Army Couture
It appears the US Army will be revising and releasing a new and improved female combat uniform by 2012. The improved 'for comfort' uniform will benefit 160,000 female troops and is designed to fit a woman’s curves. It is in no way a fashion statemen..read on

[pic1]Clara Zetkins was a pioneer for women’s rights in society and the workforce. She was a woman of inspiration and foresight. She believed in establishing new ways for women, creating a new path and opening opportunities. Through her career in te..read on

Victorian Bushfires - Hope Will Prevail!
The people of Victoria have seen Mother Nature at her [pic1]fiercest, leaving a path of blackened earth and many many lives lost. Families, neighbours, pets and wildlife have lost the sanctuary of what was once their beautiful home. As Australians ou..read on

Palm Reading by Myrna Lou Goldbaum
"I will begin with the five basic lines and then go into detail on the symbols too. [pic1] The major lines I work with are as follows: Life Line, Love Line, Soul Mate Marking, Work Line, Reproduction Bracelets Note: All of your lines lo..read on

Your Goal…..Your GAIN!!!
Most of the time we have [pic1] set our vision of what and how. However, we tend to take that side-track to it…sometimes permanently. Hmm……it must be littered with chocolates, because usually we ‘know’ that it certainly isn’t going be the quick or ea..read on

The Challenge of Single Motherhood
Moreso, when you end up doing it on your own!!!! Single Motherhood is a challenge to say the least. It can hit you like a freight train in the night. You just didn’t see it coming!!! Well I didn’t. . . . . Raising my daughter completely on ..read on

Many women have and continue to belittle themselves because their image is not what they feel Society accepts. Women who lose their self confidence, their partners…..their life….. because they don’t look like a waif. Charisma is under-valued!! T..read on

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RANDOM ME! I am a freelance writer - I read magazines back to front - I enjoy my own company - I like to wake people up - Ive raised a daughter on my own - Writing gives me freedom - Ice cream is my weakness, but im lactose intollerant - my daughter suffered miconium asperation as a baby and lived - Ive battled hormonal imbalance - Never been married - Im psychic - I love my Blackberry - My pets found me - I love green, its healing - I love my family...all of them - I love romance - Im a Scorpio..enough said! - Im comfortable in my own skin - sewing becomes me - I love to read.

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