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HerStoria Magazine
[pic1]This magazine is sure to interest women and men alike because it exposes an exciting mix of hero’s, villains, philosophers, lovers, and intellectuals who were/are all women. This is a publication that is sure to challenge its readers to debatin..read on

Room 112
"What are you trying to do, Naomi, bust my bell?" He smiled at me as he snuffed out his cigarette in a dead ivy. I stood there a few seconds longer, allowing the sharp smell of coffee to overcome the stench pasted inside my nose. "Sorry about the..read on

Snow Day At Work
I stood in checkstand 3, gliding canned goods and various emergency staples across my scanner, when I noticed Mr. Harrison in my line. When it was his turn to place his groceries on the belt, I rushed around the front of my checkstand to help him unl..read on

My Time
The first two methods of measuring time are based on the daily rotation of the earth on its axis. One is based on the apparent motion of the sun in the sky, which is called solar time. The other is based on the apparent motion of the stars in the sky..read on

The Importance Of the Individual
If a person were to read the entire article, it would be noted that the ending statements boast of the government’s plan to make health care available to all. I do not, personally, believe that the government is out to save my life. NOT that I ha..read on

My Daughters, My Friends
My oldest daughter was always like a tornado. She walked like one, she talked like one and she ate like one. She grew to be a five foot tall, 110 lb. tropical thunderstorm to be sure. Raising her, though, meant many sleepless nights of fear and worry..read on

Pioneering With Brush And Pigment
16th Century Italy began exploring new ways of training artists outside of the monastery which had been the main source of training for artists. Artist guilds were formed during the Renaissance and training for artists branched out from the monaster..read on

Deborah Samson - America\'s First Woman Warrior
In the vast portals of time, not every interesting fact from the past can possibly make its way into the future. Sometimes an obscure presence of an overlooked detail can maintain its hold on the time continuum and become realized by a curious browse..read on

Tami Richards
Writer Experience
Have published articles at history websites such as 18th History as well as writing sites such as Writing-World and Newbie-Writers.

More information about the writer
Tami has interests in poetry, photography, and women's history.

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