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She Touched the Face of God
This awesome event should have been attended by village women whom she’d known all her life, bustling noisily about busy with the activities that only women understand. What a stark difference between her girlhood expectations and how things had turn..read on

Mama Mia
Actually, I did leave her. I left her in Australia when I moved to the UK with my two youngest children, leaving my older son and daughter behind, along with my dear mum and a host of friends. It wasn’t easy to leave them, but we understood that we w..read on

Dealing with ‘Shrinking World’ Syndrome
The trouble with pulling back when life crowds in is that the more we retreat, the more it pushes in on us. Retreating is an expression of fear, and fear has tentacles. When we withdraw in one area, it pursues us to another. The more we choose to run..read on

Jump! I Dare You!
It was December 2005 and we were in beautiful Jamaica. Two young friends of ours were getting married and we were asked to perform the wedding ceremony. What came with the package was a fantastic two-week holiday in an amazing resort; sun, sand and s..read on

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