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[extract1] How the incident is handled can affirm a child or cause injury to its personality. I believe the best approach is a kiss to make it better... and maybe a band aid. [pic1] This is only a small thing but life hits you sometimes with some hor..read on

What\'s Your View?
[extract1]The answers to these questions depend infinitely on our world view. What we believe colours our thinking. Even our decision making is affected by our thinking. As we look at evidence from nature we can consider what we see and what we belie..read on

Caught on Camera
Many people who escape say that losing their photographs has been a big loss but they are always grateful they still have their lives. I have a life time of family memories on film and in snap shots. It is always so nostalgic to bring them out and lo..read on

The Road to Peace
One day while working in my kitchen I became angry with my family about something. I remember the anger rising up in my body. The end result would surely have been a shouting match. We have plans and goals. If these plans dont go our way we often re..read on

Diligent Spider
At this point in an important battle of the past the leader knew he had to lead his army back into the battle. He returned to it with new confidence and won. We people live in this world under all kinds of battles. The most important battle is a s..read on

Strange Messenger
I heard of a special lady who wakes up each day confident that she will be given an important task in bringing help and hope to someone somewhere. Lucy is so thankful for her own life she has chosen to live everyday for others. One morning Lucy n..read on

Fearfully & Wonderfully Made.
From the age of five or six an ugly scar on my spirit caused me to think of myself as dumb. It took until my mid fifties to recognise its presence and the effect it had on my achievements. I had no desire to achieve because of my fear of failure. The..read on

Writing Success - A Recipe
For example, she stood on the railway platform of the Puffing Billy steam train and watched the people. Most were children since it was a tour train. She also noted the sounds. The ingredients would then make up a recipe. Dare I say she would then c..read on

Kathlyn Fauchon
Writer Experience
Writing for various magazines hard copy and online.

More information about the writer
Kathlyn is a mother and a grandmother. She lives in retirement with her husband on the Central Coast of NSW Australia. Kathlyn writes for www.4Him2U.com and also for www.peggyblannphifer.com

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