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Hidden Angel
The air-conditioned centre had lured hundreds of Christmas shoppers inside away from the stifling temperatures that threatened to burn her hometown to a crisp. From the coolness of the dimly lit corner the grey-haired woman could watch the passing cr..read on

To Own a Yorkie
This tiny 20 cm. high rascal actually smiled at me. I had no idea dogs could smile. Here I was, standing in the middle of a busy Mall in Brussels, obstructing busy shoppers whilst bending down smiling at this miniature canine, who, to my utter disbel..read on

For the Love of Orchids
[pic1] Cymbidiums tend to look after themselves. All they ask of you is that you provide them with shelter from extremes of temperature and strong wind, water them, and feed them in the growing season. In my tiny nursery I have orchids with colours ..read on

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