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Grieving Daughter
[pic3]Oh, Iíve lost people in my life, but other peopleís loss always seemed so much worse to me. Maybe that is the one great thing I inherited from my dad. My mom is very much like that too, but this article is on my dad, so Iím going to focus on th..read on

Or maybe I wish it would so I wouldn't feel, Feel what I know to be too real. I picked up the pieces and put a smile back on my face, But for what, to fall again and look like a disgrace? How stupid could I have been to let mys..read on

Healing Yourself From Within
[pic1]Sometimes they end up unintentionally using the feelings they have or get when they are around that person to cover up their other pain. So what do you do when you have let your walls crumble and let your heart be bare for everyone to see and h..read on

The Sun Will Shine Through
[pic3]My past is in the rear view mirror and my future is on the horizon. Bags are packedÖ Not much more than worn down clothes and a pair of beat up Ed Hardy boots. My heart aches like I was about to take my last breath before drowning. There ..read on

Weight Loss and Self Esteem
[extract1]I had every intention of writing about writers block, but then as I was preparing my little ritual as I always do to sit and write, my mind drifted off to something else. A subject that may be a little more important to women, especially a..read on

Women\'s Freedom Of Speech
[pic1]The Constitution says we all have it, men and women alike. But are we really equal in it? Do women really have the same freedom to say what they want without snide remarks or strange stares? Do we have the freedom to express ourselves any way w..read on

Always Remember Your Self
But what happens when the children are older, the job has grown tiresome, society isnít what she thought it was, and well marriage is marriage? Throughout womenís lives they tend to put their own lives on the back burner and sheís mother, wife,..read on

True Love
As for myself, well, I can only tell you in my heart how I feel when I believe it to be true love. It's pretty much a list of feelings and actions or reactions that I feel toward the person that I'm with when I know its true love. It's true love ..read on

I Am A Woman, Accept Me For Who I Am
So this article is dedicated to every woman who has ever got up in the morning or tried to get ready for a big date and rummaged through her closet, only to find she had nothing to wear, or gone to the bathroom and not been able to find the right sha..read on

Woman and the Cuban Revolution: How Things Have Changed
January 1959 was the start of the Cuban Revolution. 50 years later and they are celebrating everything still going strong. This article is for the women who have lived through these changes and beyond, it is for all women, to see that things can cha..read on

To You I Owe...
[pic1] A thank you for making me smile when no one else could, For sticking by my side when no one else would. For being the first one to share the news with the minute my grandson was born, For listening to me all night when my heart was b..read on

Violence in DRC - Will it end?
But I do believe that somewhere in history women must have been treated in the manner that they deserve, and not in the way that some are in many places around the world. [pic4] Today, women in many countries are treated no better than stray ..read on

Human Imperfections
[pic1]These are things within each of us that are embedded in our personality, to the point that they become part of our personality. I believe that having a heart that is capable of so much love that it actually loves more than one soul at the same ..read on

Chasing Butterflies
[pic1] Chasing butterflies in the park, Chasing them round and round in the dark. These are the things your mind likes to do, When things get too much or you get bored, bored with you. The easiest thing to do when youíre in pain is to shut t..read on

Self Worth
Maybe you lose your job or maybe youíre married with kids, and have everything society says you should have that should make you happy. But what if youíre still not happy, even worse what if youíre miserable and itís affecting your emotional and phys..read on

Tara Liverios
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Helium.com, authornation.com, and in college

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I love writing and I love reading. My favorite place to spend time is in a book store. I could spend the whole day just browsing. I also love the library too. I worked in the library for 3 yrs when I was in college and I loved it. My biggest goal is to use my writing to help raise awareness and self confidence in different areas of interest and on important issues. I also hope to have some fun doing it as well.

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