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Embrace the Difference
I loved the Beatles and I loved rock and roll. I was following the trends. But if you looked deeper, I also had an independent side. I thought independently. I was a bookworm and would read as much as I could. I did love the hits of the day but I als..read on

The Glory of the Gothic Novel
I always look for a certain genre of book and when I find it, my heart races. The cover is almost always the same. A woman running from a castle or a mansion, with a look of terror on her face. Now they call it a woman-in-jeopardy cover. I know I wil..read on

You Can Never Go Home Again
When some people talk about home they are talking about not only their home but the whole neighborhood. You can still have your childhood home standing but the rest of the neighborhood might be different. That is my story. I grew up in Que..read on

Passions of a Romance Writer
My mother taught me how to read when I was 3 years old. I got my first library card when I was 7 years old. I can remember carrying an armload of books from the library to bring home to read. Some things never change. When I go to the library now, I ..read on

Music Through My Years
As a child I would watch my cartoons, Bugs Bunny and the rest of those characters. What I didnít realize was that I was getting an introduction to classical music. I was definitely unaware of this, but when I see these cartoons today, I see the snipp..read on

Full Circle
As women we are nurturers. We canít help it. That is our nature. We worry, we protect and we take care. We put everyone elseís needs before our own. When I was 19 years old, my mother was diagnosed with cancer. I took care of her when she came hom..read on

Common Courtesy is Not So Common Anymore
Since I had my stroke 5 years ago, I have seen reactions to my using this implement. It is most astounding. [extract1]When I lived in New York City and took public transportation to commute to work, I would find many kind people offerin..read on

Choked by Red Tape
I had a death in the family, my brother. I was his caregiver. Now the household income is cut in half. We had lived together and shared the expenses, rent, electric, etc. Instead of compassion in the system and leniency, there were rules and criteria..read on

A Leap of Faith
When a friend of mine relocated to Florida from New York, I decided to take stock of my life. [pic1] I was 54 years old, a widow, and disabled - I had a stroke 4 years earlier. I had diabetes and high blood pressure. I worked part time and I used a ..read on

Linda Cacaci
Writer Experience
worked at Romantic Times in NY, a writer for 30 years. I write personal essays, and I'm working on my 3rd novel

More information about the writer
I am working on my 3rd novel, a romantic suspense

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