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Enemy Within
With the advantages comes the disadvantages as well. We are now free to experience many of the jobs and rights that were once only for men, such as the horrors of modern day war. Post Traumatic stress disorder and coming back to lives that th..read on

Forever Farrah
Today God took home one of his Angels. She had beautiful golden hair, a halo. She brought great joy to many girls and boys. She was a a little girl who once played with toys. She became a woman who rode skateboards better than most boy..read on

The Power of the Universe
On April 10th of this year I awoke to find that my story entitled "The crossing" ran as the feature article on this site. Why I have entitled my follow up "The power of the universe" Is because "The Crossing", written while still loaded, though m..read on

I am leaving out his last occupation, because I know it was not one he was proud of, though he was a director. Jack was a man who believed in pride. I am sure I have left out a few, but to Jack the most important and rewarding jobs he ever had we..read on

One beep two beep
You try once again to feel her hair, to see her face. That of your lover not seen for a week. Hot salty tears stream down your cheeks. Is she hurt, is she dead? All of these recurring thoughts you dread. Footsteps you hear in the hall.One b..read on

The Crossing
I allowed myself to be here today, present, in the moment, alive. Perhaps you are thinking this is just going to be more new age mumbo jumbo. That is not my intent. Hopefully you have continued reading for my intent is for someone to get something..read on

The Paper Today
I opened the paper today and here's what it had to say. Brighter teeth and fresher breath too. here's a way to make that arm pit hair go away. So purchase that slinky black dress today. And the shoes too. When you are out of money we'l..read on

Win the Battle, Loose the War
Our eyes meet as we pass on the street. We see the hate in your eyes. It is us you despise. We walk together hand in hand. Two women who don't want a man. We wish you could just pass on by. But this we know you will not do, We turn to ..read on

Run, Run, Run
I am running, and running, and running. It is called the Los Angeles Marathon. It is my first one. As I run amongst the many of thousands of others I don't feel like them. Like a runner, or a normal person. My mothers last words to me ..read on

Happy New Year
I sit at a pool today. With something old and something new. The old represents the last 20 years of my life. The new the next 20? I don't know and neither do you. I've worked all my life and have not too much than before. Does that ma..read on

Goodbye furry friend
For eighteen years you were mine. There will never be another feline of your kind. You knew when I was sad and blue. and you always knew just what to do. Jump in my lap and take a nap. I would nap with you and wake up just like new. ..read on

Merle Brill
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I post a lot on writing.com

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40 year old gay female, took too much time of from pursuing a childhood goal, and hoping to catch up.

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