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Question - Why?
WHY? [pic1] Think about the power a single word could have. Imagine how many questions and answers a single word could generate. Imagine a single word that can cause a person to have a conversation with themselves or inspire a m..read on

[pic1] It is often said "family is life’s most important thing". What do you do when it’s pain your family does bring? Each generation before seems to have grown up with less. As parents we promise to do well to become a succe..read on

Maiden\'s Blush (Part 2 of 2)
The conference room began to fill up with those directly connected to the merger project. Okay. Settle down. Let’s get this meeting started. We have a lot of information to cover. He went over last quarter results as well as next quarters proje..read on

Ode to Jules
ireland it is said to be a beautiful place. one would not know that from the pain in your face. little girls should grow up with ribbons, ruffles and lace. unfortunately for you and me this was not to be the case. your parents? yes, you st..read on

Maiden\'s Blush - Part 1
“My Roses are beautiful and delicate. And though I may pluck them ever so gently I intend them no harm”. [pic1]My Genesha! It is such a beautiful day, he thought, not a cloud in the sky. It’s a little past noon. His office building reminded ..read on

Contain the Infection
In 1975 Marcia Trimble age 9. 1984 Christine Jessop also age 9. Do you recognize these names? My guess, probably not. 1994 Megan Kanka age 7. (Megan’s Law) 1996 Amber Hagerman age 9 (Amber Alert). These you might actually remember, at least vaguel..read on

Adolescent Safety Killer
The day starts as any other day. Nothing odd or out of the way. It was God you were moving towards. So you went to His house, the House of the Lord. You stepped outside but not to stay. For reasons unknown they took your childhood away. “How ..read on

Thanks for letting me share
We all know pain is not brand new. That does not mean my pain will not interest you. Have you considered what we’ve been through? Giving voice to our pain maybe a dream come true. From where we sit we have a bird’s eye view. Take some one’s ha..read on

Improving Schools with NO New Tax Dollars
This school year is over. Some are thinking about Hillsborough County’s schools for the new year. Each high school has made some sort of name for itself based on graduation and drop out rates, on FCAT, on the ACT and SAT performance, and (of course) ..read on

Waging War
my defense mechanism has been doing its job. part of me was unhappy and always wanted to sob. the other side said “I’m not down with that”. “take your weak ass to a closet cause I’ve got a bat!” let me tell you one thing ..read on

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