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Marriage 101: \'Til Death Do Us Part
[pic2]What I am referring to is an end to this series of articles. Hopefully, I have given you some reasons to seek after a good marriage and ways to enrich the one you have. I want to leave you the way we started with thoughts on commitment. Th..read on

Marriage 101: The 100 Percent Principle
[pic2]For a marriage to be significant and fulfilling, each person gives not 50 percent but 100 percent. Give that much? What do you mean? It means nothing less than giving up your right to have it all your way all the time. When you agree to liv..read on

Marriage 101: Positive People
[pic1]It is of the utmost importance that you take stock of the people you have in your “group.” This is where positive people come in. It is good for a married couple to look for other married couples to enjoy life with. We have friends and fami..read on

Marriage 101: Times of Grief and Loss
[pic1]I mentioned in an earlier article how my husband’s father died before we had been married a year, a victim of cancer. Since that time we have experienced several losses, my father suffering an aneurysm and dying within days and Danny’s mother ..read on

Marriage 101: Equal Opportunity Fun
[pic1]We are well into summer and this is a season when many people go on vacation for fun and relaxation. Last month, we talked about finding enjoyable activities to build and strengthen our marriages. Summer is a perfect time to begin this, if you..read on

Marriage 101: Are We on the Same Page in this Marriage?
[pic1]You might wonder if it is a special occasion but no, this type of event tends to go on at our home once a month or more. Soon, on this day we will have fifteen to thirty people here, family and friends, babies and senior citizens, all enjoying ..read on

Marriage 101: Fun through Spontaneity
[pic1]Much of the laughter has come from knowing each other deeply, all those little quirks and fears and triumphs that come from knowing someone intimately in this venue of marriage. One moment of laughter that came to mind was the time we..read on

Marriage 101: To Regret or Not to Regret
[pic1]Susie is struggling through the grocery store with the three year old twins, fumbling with her list as she tells them once more to sit still. She is pushing the grocery cart and at the same time pulling the double seated stroller. "Why ..read on

Marriage 101: Commitment or bust!
[pic2]Let me share an example, a more recent example in my own life to illustrate the point. What to do? I sat seething with anger, almost unable to grasp the enormity of the question my husband Danny was asking me to entertain. Though Danny ..read on

Marriage 101:Perfect Oops! Real Life Marriage
[pic1]What? I have to be honest? Really? That will change a lot but honestly, don’t you want reality? Are you just a little tired of the magazines that promise you five steps to a perfect marriage or three steps to better relationships? I am and ..read on

Jennifer Hallmark
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Jennifer Hallmark is a writer, artist and ministry leader who works with women’s ministry groups. Her love of writing is evident in over 120 articles she has written for article websites besides her blogs, websites and fiction writing. She has finished her first in a series of novels, Journey of Grace: A New Beginning and is actively working to complete the second: Journey of Grace: Saving Abigail. Check out her websites at www.jenniferhallmark.com and www.aclarioncall.com . Also read her blogs at http://jenlhall63.blogspot.com/ and http://jenlhall63.christianblogsites.com/blog/

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