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Stepping off the Hamster Wheel
[pic1]So, a few months ago, I decided that I needed to get a small pet that required little maintenance and that would benefit from all my caring and love. I felt it was time. MacKenzie (aptly named by my 4 year old God-daughter in a pet store) i..read on

Those Who Wish to Sparkle Will Always Find the Glitter 5
[pic1]In all the years that I have been speaking about diamonds, gems, sparkle, glitter ... I have never seen so much bling on everything! I am excited that we are all living and experiencing this bling revolution. A recent American study stated that..read on

Achieving Maximum Altitude
[pic1]I absolutely love flying above the clouds and looking down onto a sea of puffy cotton balls! It is at this point, when the plane reaches its maximum altitude. It is a moment of stability, weightlessness and pristine beauty! How can we achie..read on

Dreaming While you are Awake!
[pic1]Day dreaming, creative visualization, lucid dreaming...whatever term you call it, it is healthy and highly recommended by children! As 'serious' adults, we are discouraged to just sit and day dream. Supposedly, it is a waste of our adult time..read on

Time May Change Me - But I Cant Trace Time
[pic1]Just this past weekend, we celebrated a friend's 50th birthday. There are five of us girls that all met in high school and we have known each other for over 30 years. We still feel and act like we were in high school. But, time has certainly ch..read on

Interview with Canada\'s Diamond Coach Adele Alfano
[pic1] Her entrepreneurial spirit has extended to the first ever self-published collaborative books called "Experts Speak Out" and the producer of the yearly sold out events called Kiss my Tiara. We had the pleasureof sharing a morning coffee inbetwe..read on

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