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What Iíve Learned from Facebook
Still if you are a Facebook addict, you know that the main attraction of this website is the status updates, the photo albums and the endless quizzes. People update with everything that is going on in their lives, be it the most mundane things or the..read on

What you need to start Cross Stitching
1. First, choose a design chart or a kit Before you start cross-stitching, you will need to decide on a design. What do you like to cross-stitch? Do you want simple cartoons, funny sayings that make you smile every day or do you want a work of art..read on

Decision of my Life
I think to myself once and for all make a decision what's there to stall lessen the options I should begin to do why is it so hard to choose between the two if I still can't do it would you help me please just make up my mind or hold..read on

Top 10 Reasons Why You Should Shop Online
1. You get to wear whatever you want. Yes, you can even wear your PJs, and *ahem* even your birthday suit. No one is going to judge you or think that skin of yours is so last year. You get to shop in the most comfortable way you can think of. And ..read on

The Basics of Cross Stitching
1. Fabric The most important to get and there are so many types that you wonder how will you choose. First you decide on the count that you would like to do the pattern on. Most charts will tell you the size based on their own recommended count bu..read on

Saving Money on Cross Stitch
After your project is done, snip extra fabric, keep the thread and store the needles. You have to leave at 2-3 inches around your design for framing. But if you have more than that, donít just leave [extract1]it there or throw it away. Cut them ni..read on

The Best Friend
But do you know that while you lie there in your serene sleep, I am watching you. Crouching in the corner of your pitch black room as I watch your eyelids flutter in dreamscape, watching as you turn to your most comfortable position, a slight smile a..read on

Top 10 Reasons to Start Cross Stitching
Here are my top ten reasons why you should start cross stitching today![extract1] 1. Itís a great way to focus. Have you ever seen a cross stitch fabric? Those squares are so small that if you donít watch what youíre doing, your fingers are goi..read on

Hamidah Gul
Writer Experience
Stories have been published in Diabolic Tales I and recently Diabolic Tales II, Secret Attic, Carillon Magazine in UK plus articles in EzineArticles.com and other e-zines.

More information about the writer
is a freelance published author who usually writes horror and comedy. Her stories have been published both in US and UK, online and in print. Her other love aside from writing is cross stitching. She shares her cross stitch experience through her site at www.TheArtofStitch.com.

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