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Expressing Your Authentic Self
We no longer live in a society where our livelihood is dependent on the weather. However, we can recognize and honor the cycles of the seasons. As we become more attune to the natural world, we can listen more closely to our own inner cycles. Symb..read on

Numerology Personal Year Cycles: How to Navigate Change
[pic1]Numbers are vibrations. Just as the planets affect our outer and inner lives, numbers represent vibrations that we sense, whether we are aware of it or not, and respond to with our actions, feelings and thoughts. When the numbers in our lives c..read on

Autumn 2009 - Harvesting Your Spiritual Gifts
2010 will be a year to flourish. It will be a time of creativity, expansion, and expression. To make the most of this energy, you want to ensure that you are planting seeds that will feed you and cultivating circumstances that will bring you bounty. ..read on

Karma, Balance, and why being “nice” isn’t always good
[pic1]After all, “good” and “bad” are just self-imposed judgments about what we perceive as being integrated spiritual people. In reality, there is no judgment in the Universe about right and wrong, or bad and good. Perhaps a more appropriate way..read on

Being As Good To Yourself as You Are To Others
[pic1]So often we get wrapped up in all of our responsibilities and worries that we don’t even know what our own needs are. We know what our responsibilities are to other people, to creditors, bosses, friends, children, spouses, etc, but we don’t alw..read on

Dreaming Your Life Into Being - 2009 Numerology and Beyond
[pic1]“There is not enough darkness in all the world to put out the light of even one small candle” Robert Alden 2009 is a Universal year of 11. (We derive this by adding the numbers 2+0+0+9=11). 11 an extremely powerful number; in numerology, it ..read on

Meditation for Presence, Self Love, and Inner Peace
[pic1]Yet most of us, quite often, block the flow of Spirit and therefore isolate ourselves from the Source, causing distress. When we close ourselves off from the power and flow of Spirit, or when we push too hard or act out of fear, we block Spirit..read on

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