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Stress Reduction with Vision Mapping
Stress seems to be surrounding us from every angle these days and even thinking about and being aware of our stress, seems to stress us out. What is the answer? Well, there are all kinds of tools that we can learn to do to diminish the stress in our..read on

Is Stress at Work Only If You Lose Your Job?
Stress just seems to be everywhere in the world today, it is just sort of a fact of life. It is a fact that job related stress has increased significantly in the last decade due to the fast changing business and economic cycles with demanding workloa..read on

Is Twitter Useful for Vision Mapping
The answer to this question is, yes. l. Twitter is a free social networking site where you post what they call tweets, it gives you the ability to keep in touch with hundreds maybe thousands of people on a daily and sometimes hourly basis with cu..read on

Building of Teen Self Esteem Starts at Birth
Their self-esteem is first built by having their basic needs met, including the need for love, comfort, and closeness. How children are treated by their parents or primary caregivers sets the stage for how their self-esteem is developed. Young babies..read on

Law of Attraction Manifests Great With Vision Map Videos
Well, donít feel alone, there are some things that have been implied but not really explained that can keep your hearts desires not coming in like you want them to. The first key is that you need to get your sub-conscious[pic1] and your conscious ..read on

Spiritual Retreats and The Memories That Follow
What is important to know is that spiritual retreats are not about religion, but are instead about focusing on spirituality, which means that most retreats are open to people of all faiths. Most retreats are based on the fundamental fact that each o..read on

How About A Vision Map Video for Weight Loss
Visualization has been around for years and many people have practiced it and been very successful; then there are those that just arenít that sure about it. I want to encourage you to use it and watch what the power of your mind can do. Weight los..read on

Financial Debt and Dating, Can A Vision Board Help?
First off you donít disclose this until you know that the relationship is going to go some where, kind of like the saying goes, ďIs he/she really into me?Ē and if they arenít or you really arenít sure, then just keep it fun and light. When the though..read on

Vision Map Video is Like Life Staging for Empowerment
One of the largest growing industries in the real estate world is home staging, and now they even have a special certificate through a virtual university that you can get that makes it a definite profession. So letís take that idea and apply it ..read on

Can You Manifest Abundance Living in the Stress Mode
What is also in front of us is the news; in the papers, on tv and in conversations by the water cooler, about higher prices, lack and all kinds of losses. [pic1]How do we balance these two out, we can't go around and pretend that it just plain co..read on

Vision Board Will Modify Your StressÖ.Visualization Is Key
It can show up as stomach ulcers, heart problems, allergies, skin disorders, migraine. Stress can also cause more serious illnesses such as; arthritis, cancer, diabetes, depression. Vision Map Videos can be watched on a daily basis and help reliev..read on

Law of Attraction with a Vision Board
Then the spiritual and holistic community found it was a great manifestation tool and they worked wonderful in the law of attraction. The popularity of vision boards sort of comes and goes along with who supports them and/or mentions them, such as w..read on

How Can a Vision Board Assist in Grief Recovery Ė 5 Ways to Process Grief
Grief recovery is the journey we take from the devastating effects of grief, you know your life has been affected by the loss and many times you just donít know what to do to heal yourself and deal with the emotions your are experiencing. Grief is a ..read on

Healing With Laughter and Humor Using a Vision Board
The power of thoughts and emotions can manifest good in our bodies as well as create what we donít want, just by what we are thinking. Studies have shown that a positive attitude or emotional state can boost your chances of surviving almost any kind ..read on

Vision Board Video for Debt Reduction
First off, what is debt reduction and how is it accomplished? It is a powerful way of clearing up what you owe and getting your financial life back on track. Some people will go to a professional and others will tackle the situation by themselves; wi..read on

Vision Board For Teens Self Esteem Issues and Challenges
The answer is many faceted and it starts with the family/teachers/roll models, as these are the areas that are most active in a childís life during the formative years. So this is where self-esteem gets its basis and roots for the teenager and beyond..read on

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Darlene has researched and practiced many spiritual and personal growth paths and now is presenting Vision Map Videos to further enlighten and enrich the life of others through visual perceptions. She brings her wisdom, knowledge and spiritual self to you as a Effortless Lifestyle Balancing Coach;; Crystal Readings for Vibrant Living; Gentle Touch Energy Healer; Spa Treatments for Vibrant Living. Darlene's mission is to teach and encourage individuals how to find and maintain their inner balance for the mind, body, spirit connection; which brings peace, joy and prosperity into their life. Receive her f.ree Inspiration For Daily Lives Newsletter. This is where you can see her most current Vision Map Video
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