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Woman Empowered: Life’s Simple Pleasures
[pic3]Many people say that you can only be happy if you manage to fully enjoy the floating moments of happiness we experience in our lives. I guess that’s true. Happiness as such doesn’t exist and nobody can be permanently happy. To feel true happine..read on

Surrealism and the Unconscious Mind
[pic1]The philosophy of surrealism was comprised in the chaotic marriage of eternal opposites. Drawing from early 20th century psychoanalysis, and most distinctively Freudian estimation of the unconscious, Andre Breton promoted that part of human exi..read on

\"The Scream\" by Edvard Munch
As with other recognized works of art, “The Scream” has been placed in many different contexts. Art critics as well as passionate connoisseurs often point to the background element of nature’s fury. The image of chaos disempowering human mind to the ..read on

Be Confident in Your Workplace
[pic1]I have personally experienced what at first seemed to be such an irreconcilable ambivalence working as a pre-school foreign language teacher and as an interpreter during international sports events. As I have learned, the only one universal sol..read on

Woman Empowered: Assertive Deportment
[pic2]Men, you understand, are expected to talk about “healthy egoism” – it was created for them, apparently. Voicing their opinions, disagreeing, or expressing criticism are all things most women will always try to do modestly, silently and almost a..read on

Recognize Schizophrenia Symptoms
[extract1]Schizophrenia is not hereditary; however, some genetic tendency toward this condition is already observable. It affects mostly males and its initial stages can take place at the very beginning of adulthood. The youngest victims of schizophr..read on

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