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Domestic Violence & Divorce
When Tammy-Wynette said 'Stand by your man' she may have been singing from the heart but fortunately for her she never knew my ex-husband... I had to watch as he made 'HIMSELF' look like the poor, defenseless, broken victim who had been falsely accus..read on

Fighting the Devil
The first cry of new life, so precious innocent and true,.... remembering the moments that I first gazed upon all of you. Visions of perfection as you lay in my arms,... life fulfilled my heart alive, a vow to protect you all from harm. Each n..read on

When the Law \' Admits\' That the Truth Does not Matter
Neither they as victims of a system that is disturbingly flawed, or us as their parents, are able to have our say regarding the sickening abuse that has left them mentally scarred as well as in my eldest daughter's case physically disabled, the truth..read on

Spring emulates re-birth, the blossom on the trees dares us to ignore the scent of beauty abound, the grass is lush with colour & the birds teach us a brand new song ...... you sang me a new song, only now it sounds hollow as my tears flow silently t..read on

Protecting the Guilty While the Innocent Suffer in Silence
Our justice system continues to prove that it cannot be relied upon to dispense justice, the criminals are laughing daily as they continue to commit some of the most abhorrent crimes knowing that even if they get caught their smart, overpaid solicito..read on

We All Have a Cause That We Believe In - I Certainly Do
In the womb we are protected from harm - supposedly, we are nurtured and 'shielded' from the outside world until the day comes when take our very first breath & our own unique life-cycle begins. Some of us are lucky enough to be raised within the ..read on

Tamia McDonald Pizey
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I am 41 years of age, the mother of three children who are aged 19, 16 & 13 years of age. I am married for the second time, i am an avid music lover, i love to read as well as write poems & short stories, ( i also enjoy topical novels). I am along with my children a survivor of domestic-violence & abuse, ( the petry i tend to write is inspired by events in our lives as well as being biographical). My other loves are studying North-American Indian & Chinese philosophy.

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