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My Creative Inspiration
[pic3]I am always asked, "Eve, what inspires you to write?" The answer: Life, Love, My Family & Friends. When my first grandchild was born, I knew that my writing muse had returned. You could always find ME reading when all my siblings were playi..read on

Should Writers Be Paid?
Are you a lawyer, doctor, candlestick maker? Do you enjoy your work? Does your job help pay the bills and provide food for your family? All of us want to be paid for a job well-done. Even the “good book” states, “For the worker is worthy of his wa..read on

What Women Want
The majority of women want and need the same things as men. We want: A happy marriage, loving family members, respect, peace in the world, etc. We are not hard to please. We want love, unconditionally. We don't want to play games. We wan..read on

Eve Hall
Writer Experience
35 yrs. of writing experience.

More information about the writer
I try hard 2 treat others the way in which I want 2 be treated!

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