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Best sports teams of 2009
In 2009, sports fans around the globe experienced thrilling moments of excitement watching really great teams competing in different sports. Although it is not easy to single out the best teams out of a vast number of competitors, still there are som..read on

Best fashion trends of 2009
Fashion has always been fascinating. Looking back through history, fashion has always followed the statements of each season, leading men and women with boldness into a dynamic expression of oneself. Although for some people fashion is playful, it ac..read on

Best athletes of 2009
2009 was full of great accomplishments from athletes, who have demonstrated excellent skills and have achieved incomparable performances. Although it's not easy to single out the top athletes of the year, there are athletes, who really stood out for ..read on

Best books of 2009
Literature has taken various shapes during the last few years and has morphed brilliantly. Although excellent pieces of literary art can be traced through the ages, over the last years thought-provoking and reflective works have emerged and captured ..read on

Unforgettable alternative love songs
Alternative music is broadly viewed as an expression of opposition to the system reflecting the voice of the weaker ones against the actions of the stronger ones. And so it is. So, in a sense, alternative music and love songs sound like the two sides..read on

Sexual Harassment in the Workplace
Sometimes, inappropriate advances at workplace are not taken seriously. Jokes about sex, sexual comments and touching, all are considered inappropriate. However, people do not report it immediately to a supervisor believing it is not what they think ..read on

Best books of 2009
Literature has taken various shapes during the last few years and has morphed brilliantly. Although excellent pieces of literary art can be traced through the ages, over the last years thought-provoking and reflective works have emerged and captured ..read on

Michael Jackson, King of Pop
He was equally adored and ridiculed like no one else. He made society respectful to the African-American people, but he passed away as a white guy. Controversy and unconventional lifestyle characterized more than half of his lifetime, but his extraor..read on

The Monster of Florence, by Douglas Preston
Barbara Locci and her lover Antonio Lo Bianco were the first victims of The Monster of Florence, the horrifying terror that used to stalk lovers in the Italian countryside only to leave them mutilated in blood. After them, another twelve people were ..read on

Magazine review: Elle
[pic2]Originally published in 1945, in Paris, ELLE is a first-class fashion magazine that was created right after the Second World War. Its founder, Helene Lazareff, having experienced wartime exile in the United States as women’s fashion editor in N..read on

The best cancer-fighting vegetables
Many people don't realize that their diet can actually influence on whether or not they will develop cancer. However, dietary habits are one of the few controllable risk factors for cancer prevention. Cancer scientists and nutritionists agree the inc..read on

How Motown changed the American sound
When thinking of Motown, the legendary record label of Detroit that characterized an entire era, a few names come to mind triggering wonderful memories. Diana Ross and The Supremes, the epitome of glamour and glitz; Marvin Gaye with his irresistible ..read on

Album Review: A Different Me, by Keyshia Cole
Many artists evolve on their own terms, yet [pic1]something about Keyshia Cole's third album, “A Different Me”, seems artificial and entirely unnatural. This album reflects a clear attempt to try some different styles of R&B and reveal a different as..read on

How do you explain an athlete\'s taking drugs to your kids
[extract1]One of the most difficult feats is to explain to a child why adults fail to do what they preach is the right thing to do. And when it comes to sports and famous athletes who fail to achieve their records without substances and drug enhancem..read on

Dating an idea rather than a reality
People have fixations they rarely admit. Particularly, in love issues they often mistake their obsession for love believing that having someone on their mind 24/7 means they are in love. Obsession could be mistaken for passion, but it is far more del..read on

How relationships act as mirrors to reveal who we are
[pic1]Everything we experience in life starts with the decisions we make. Decisions about our relationships, our family, our money, our job; decisions about what to focus on; decisions about what things mean to us; whether we should be upset about it..read on

The Negative Effects of Facebook
[pic1] So, there you are, on a Saturday morning with your favorite cup of coffee caressing your senses and relaxing your brain, sitting at your desk and browsing on Facebook. You have 34 new notifications since last night that you logged out, 5 gr..read on

Christina Pomoni
Writer Experience
I'm a freelance writer since 2005, expert authors in numerous accredited websites (Helium, Oboulo, Associated Content to name a few).

More information about the writer
Like most of the people I wear many different hats. I work as a financial and investment advisor but my passion is writing, music and photography. Writing mostly about finance, business and music, being an amateur photographer and a professional dj, I am inspired from life. Being a strong advocate of simplicity in life, I love my family, my partner and all the people that have stood by me with or without knowing. And I hope that someday, human nature will cease to be greedy and demanding realizing that the more we have the more we want and the more we satisfy our needs the more needs we create. And this is so needless after all.

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