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A Woman that has Power Within

Melantha Nelson,


A Woman That Has Power Within is my first self-published E-Book.

This book is a quick guide with practical guidelines and principles on how to just be yourself and to stop trying to betray something that you are not as a woman. We are all individuals with different personalities and we have the right to be ourselves. The world has told us if we don't fit a certain image that we are nothing. Everyday we have images pushed in our faces and it's affecting our self worth and our well-being. Most of us are becoming obsessed and sick over what we can't have and plus some of us are not willing to work for anything.

Women today are not taught to be liberated and independent. I am not saying that women should be men, but as women we should be able to be in friendships and relationships without completely losing ourselves and our self worth. We are always trying to seek the approval of others. I have to admit this is what I am struggling with myself. It's a hard road but we all can succeed. As women we should be able to embrace our sexuality and have confidence, become a mother if you want, or build that successful career or home business. As women we can do this and have it all of course in a balanced way.

My E-book is available now and anyone can purchase it on these following sites:


Believe it or not, you can purchase this book for only $5.00. It's a great book to read and it's practical.

Becoming a better person or woman is not a overnight thing, but we all should have a goal into progressing into a better person everyday and to enjoy being ourselves, because it takes more energy, trying to be something you are not and it can be draining.


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A Woman that has Power Within
Ebook by Melantha Nelson. A practical handbook for women.

A Woman that has Power Within
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